MRH Consulting Engineers

MRH Consulting Engineers provide full Civil and Structural consulting engineering services, with the ability to perform the analysis, design and contract administration of Civil and Structural engineering projects, both for the community, commercial and private sectors.

The Company is highly regarded for its professional, technical and commercial excellence and we continue to build upon this reputation in order to develop and enhance our profile.

The company is equipped to handle the entire spectrum of Civil and Structural design, with the detail design of all structural elements, water, sewer, stormwater reticulation, along with the road design, and the full range of civil services required by such projects.

The service provided can include preliminary design for each development with cost estimates, compiling of civil bills of quantities, conducting site meetings, site inspections and contract management as well as final hand over on completion of the project.


Did you know...

You can reduce your energy bill by 30% by purchasing energy efficient products for your home!

Why wait?

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a cost effective material for thermal insulation in a number of building applications.

MRH Consulting Engineers are focused on bringing this and other advantages of EPS in building to the South African market.